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Student Association Xenia

S.A. Xenia is the international student association directly linked to the Academy for Hotel- and Facility students of Breda University of Applied Sciences. It was founded on the 30th of May 2002.

Nice and fun activities and events

S.A. Xenia connects students of International Hotel- and Facility Management. S.A. Xenia’s home bar is BBB Breda where we meet every Wednesday night to have drinks, (themed) parties and events such as the annual gala. Alongside this the association organises educational events that broaden your knowledge and understanding of the hospitality industry. Even after your graduation S.A. Xenia has a lot to offer. We organise drinks and have an online platform for everyone who would like to stay connected after their studies.

Sororities, Fraternities and Yearclubs

We are proud of the name and size of the association we have established in Breda. S.A. Xenia has a mixed fraternity, two sororities and a fraternity: Gemengd Dispuut Egidius, Damesdispuut Vigeo, Sorority NYX and Fraternity Palto. Besides this there are several active yearclubs. There is the possibility to form a yearclub yourself within your instalment. We aim to keep on sharing our passion for the hospitality industry by creating lifetime experiences, friendships and networks. Would you like to get to know us better? You can find us in the Borrel Bar Breda on Wednesday evenings where we dance the night away. We would love to meet you there!

Becoming a member of S.A. Xenia

  • Register - contact us by sending an email to ​​ or join us in our Bar.
  • Meeting - join us in our bar and get to know our beautiful association and see if this is
  • something for you!
  • Introduction weekend - we host an introduction weekend with your future association
  • peers. This band will connect you for a lifetime.
  • Membership - after joining our introduction weekend, you are an official Member.

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