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Tip: Take a trip to Zeeland!

Have you ever been to Zeeland before? With its 650 kilometer coast line, Zeeland is full of fun towns and locations to visit. A few weeks ago, my family and I went on a trip to Vlissingen. Here are some of the highlights of our visit!


If you enjoy vacations by the sea, Zeeland (land of the sea) is the perfect destination for you! Wherever you go in Zeeland, you will always be by the coast. The beaches in Zeeland are well known to be safe and clean. They also tend to attract more sun than any other province in The Netherlands! If you have lived here for a while, you will recognize the importance of catching as much sun as possible!

If you enjoy eating shell fish, the sea in Zeeland will literally feed you! The region is home to some of the freshest and tastiest mussels, oysters and lobsters in the Netherlands. In Zeeland, you can also sample the region's very own Oosterschelde lobster. This lobster is truly unique, with an especially mellow and soft texture. If you're curious about learning more about the sea life in Zeeland, you can take a boat excursion through the Oosterschelde National Park. The boat will take you on a safari to search for seals and porpoises.

As everywhere else in the Netherlands, you can also visit Zeeland by bike. A bike trip will take you through a new perspective of the region. The various bike paths in Zeeland will take you through all the most famous locations in the region. With the fresh sea breeze on your face, your bike tour will surely be an unforgettable experience.


My family and I have always enjoyed visiting Zeeland. Since the coastline is so extensive, there is always something new to discover. A few weeks ago, we decided to visit the city of Vlissingen. Known to be one of the most exuberant cities in Zeeland, Vlissingen was the perfect place for a weekend getaway. With its two- kilometer boardwalk, Vlissingen offers tourists the opportunity to take a stroll down its coast. The seaside resort has been likened to the Flemish coast, with its broad promenade and high-rise buildings.

By strolling down the promenade, you will eventually reach the city's harbor and center. The harbor is lined with various fishing boats and seafood restaurants. Here you can sit down and enjoy some fresh mussels or simply grab a 'broodje haring' and continue walking. Vlissingen is truly the ideal city to discover the region of Zeeland. Whether you are looking for a chill weekend on the beach or a historical tour through the Dutch seafaring city, Vlissingen will be the perfect place for you!

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